As expected, I knew I wouldn’t be able to write entries for this blog as much as I want to because I’m back here in Manila. My work schedule here is definitely tighter and longer than my strictly 8am to 5pm office hours in the US. Aside from that, I have more things to do here because this is home and I guess, the limitations of not being very familiar with a place no longer restrict me from doing things. So, aside from work, what have I been busy with since I got home?



So far, I have been able to meet with Varsi Amihan (former staffers of UST’s The Varsitarian) friends (Carli, Feli, Ipe, Kris, etc.) over dinner for a number of times. To be honest, among my friends, they are the ones that I really missed most when I was away from home. Well, that’s because they (especially Carli and Feli) are the ones I usually hang-out with after a stressful day in the office and back then, that was almost every Friday at the Gateway Mall in Cubao.

One unfortunate reunion that came real unexpectedly happened at the burial of one of the Amihans, Ace, who died due to asthma attack. I haven’t seen Ace since I graduated from college and I think, our last exchange of text messages happened more than a year ago. I remember him as the guy whose editor’s table at the Varsi office was positioned in front of my table. That’s basically how we started to become friends. Things started from small talks to more serious conversations. Ace used to tell me to always smile (no matter what) because he thinks that my smile is my best asset. I’m not quite sure if that was true. I’m thinking, he was probably just trying to cheer me up, but nevertheless, I’ve always appreciated the thought of him wanting to make me feel better. Ace is most likely just my age because we graduated from college at the same time. He’s very young and his death was definitely a surprise to everyone. I didn’t take a look at him inside his coffin during his burial. I don’t know, but I just don’t want the mention of his name to paint a picture of his face framed by his coffin’s glass. I guess that was my way of preserving my good memories of him.

To Ace -- You’re a good man and you will always be remembered that way.


Aside from Varsi friends, I also had the chance of being reunited with one of my high school barkadas – Vene. I haven’t seen Vene for almost a year already, but no matter how long we haven’t talked or seen each other, Vene has always been one of those people that I never have awkward moments with. We started with a simple dinner in Makati and since then, we have texted each other more often and our best gimmick together so far – Babyface’s concert at the Araneta Coliseum!

It was so much fun. I must say, Babyface really has the gift of being able to write and sing songs that warm the hearts of his listeners. His concert ending with the audience giving him a standing ovation was not surprising at all. The day ending with Vene leaving me behind trying to catch a glimpse of Lucy Torres was not surprising too! Haha! Vene has always been the extra spontaneous type of person and that’s why it’s always so much fun having her around. That’s also why I am looking forward to more gimmicks with her soon.


I have taken 10 hours of driving lessons and I have just completed those hours yesterday. Yehey! The big question now is -- Am I going to be comfortable driving without an instructor in the passenger’s seat? Hmmm… I’m not really sure, but at least I was able to jumpstart my driving already. The bigger question – Will I have the resources to buy my own car? Hehehe! Hmmm… I’m not really sure (again), but (again) at least I was able to jumpstart my driving already. Hahaha!


I have been to two Batangas beaches since I got back – La Luz and Tali. Both out-of-towns were fun. It gave me the chance to spend more time with Erwin and get to know some of his college friends. I can’t really say that the trips were very relaxing because long drives with just an overnight stay can be really tiring (and I did not even drive!). Nevertheless, nature, good food, and good company are always worth the effort!

Speaking of Erwin, my last “monthsary” entry was for our six months together. Well, guess what? We’ve already turned nine last month! Time really flies when you’re having fun. Hopefully, there are more memories that we’ll be sharing together.


Gio, my nephew, was three years old when I left. He started going to school while I was away. Now, he’s already a year older, but he acts and talks like he’s not just a four year old kid. I’ve been spending some time with him at home and it’s completely amazing how smart he has turned-out to be. He always comes home with a “good job” stamp on his hand and his teachers say he has always been at the top of their class.

Gio is a constant reminder that I really am not getting any younger. He’s growing-up so fast and so am I. Well, for me, it’s not literally “growing-up.” I’ve actually just turned 26 last October 8 and being 26 is no joke. I was having a chat with one of my Accenture buddies and we both agreed on the fact that at our age, it has become very difficult to make decisions, especially when it comes to quitting. That’s because we no longer have the luxury of time to start things over. We should be “somewhere” way over than the starting line by now. Oh well, I guess it’s really time to grow-up, be tougher, and take things more seriously.


Well, so much of these things for now. All Soul’s Day is over and the Manila North Cemetery should no longer be crowded today. I have to go pay my Tatay a visit. Belated Happy Halloween everyone! I hope everybody enjoyed the long weekend!

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