His Bucket List

I very seldom get affected by the movies I watch, but The Bucket List hit me quite hard. The movie was all about Edward Cole’s (Jack Nicholson) and Carter Chambers’ (Morgan Freeman) journey after learning that they were both terminally ill and have only a few months to live. It was all about how two dying men made their remaining days worth the while by accomplishing their bucket list, a checklist of all the things that they want to experience before they “hit the bucket.”

The movie made me think not of my bucket list, but that of my Tatay’s, most probably, greatest wish. I remember when Jing (my sister) and I were little, he would stroke our hair and he’d say –- I hope I would live long enough to see my kids’ children. Of course, our young minds were not sensitive to that kind of comment. But now, I can’t speak for Jing, but me… I get teary eyed every time that memory, that “line,” crosses my mind. It’s sad that a wish of someone really dear to me didn’t quite come true, but I guess life is about faith... And I can only trust that the Big Man up there would have a majestic, inexplicable way of making sure that my Tatay don’t get real disappointed. :)

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