Three Years

Last anniversary as MR. and MS. --

Will be MR. and MRS. in the next years to come. ;-)



As I am writing this, the doctors at Saint Luke’s Medical Center are assessing my sister’s condition. She has been feeling severe abdominal pain since yesterday and they are suspecting that it’s either appendicitis or it’s her ovarian cyst that’s causing the pain. The doctors said that, either way, she needs to go through surgery once the findings are finalized. Nanay said that my sister is in so much pain that she couldn’t get-up from bed and she turns really pale when trying to sit down. Unfortunately, since the doctors are still trying to figure-out her case, they cannot give her any pain reliever as it would mask the pain and make the examinations difficult to do.

It’s news like this that people like us, who are away from our families, dread of hearing. It’s bad enough that your family is going through tough times, it’s even worse because you’re not by their side. It probably just has one very minor advantage for me because I really don’t know if I’m strong enough to see my loved ones go through such difficult physical torture. I remember, I was still too young to realize the gravity of the situation when my sister had her scoliosis surgery. When she gave birth, she was in labor for about eight hours and was almost brought to the C-Section because my nephew’s umbilical cord was coiled around his neck. I was clueless about what’s happening the whole time because Nanay only gave me a call after my sister already gave birth. She said she didn’t want to get me worried. So, all the time that my sister was going through these kinds of stuff, I was always wasn’t there to personally witness things. Maybe it’s also better this way because honestly, just “imagining” how much pain she’s going through now, makes me feel like vomiting already. I don’t know, but hopefully, these scenarios don’t make me lesser of a good family member or sister.

Like all siblings, my sister and I also went through that stage where we feel like “killing” each other. That would be over very small things though like over borrowed clothes and stuff. But we’ve grown past that now. We’re not very close like we’re the best of friends, but I know that we have a mutual understanding that sisters should stick with each other. Blood is always thicker than water. And financial matters? They are not worth cutting family ties. Yeah, I have to point that last one out because I’ve heard of so many stories about relatives fighting because of money. I hope I’m not speaking to soon, but I’m sure glad we’re not the type who would value money over family.

Anyways, since I’m so far away, I can only pray that my sister is relieved from pain soon. And also, that whatever process she goes through doesn’t affect her and her husband’s plan to have kids. I sincerely feel that her husband is such a good person and that more than any man out there, he’ll make such a really good father.

I hope to get some good news soon.

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