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After getting a lecture about enjoying our stay in Chicago from one of Accenture's senior executives at a dinner last night -- Malou, Cors and I all decided to go out and see the Shedd Aquarium today. Although we boarded the wrong train at first, we were able to get to the Lake Shore Drive after taking the right orange line train and a short bus ride. The place was jam-packed! The dolphin show was entertaining! The sea animals were amazing! I wish I was able to experience all of these with Erwin (my road trip partner) and little Gio (my nephew who adores Happy Feet). They would have loved it too... Well, who knows? Maybe someday we'll have the chance to be at the same place together. For now, I just hope that this entry (especially the pictures posted in it) makes them feel like they were a part of this recent adventure.

The long wait outside the freezing cold entrance of John G. Shedd Aquarium at the Lake Shore Drive!
The dolphin show which somehow made the long wait worth it!
Happy Feet LIVE!

Photo op with Cors...


Photo op with Malou...


Finally, a photo op with Cors and Malou! Thanks to the Indian couple who were so nice to take this picture for us!


Off to Chicago

Despedida dinner at Seafood Island in Cubao

I'm glad Ipe, Kris, Adrian, Carli, Feli and A all came when I had a small going-away dinner a few days before I left. I knew I was going to miss them so badly! Now, I'm being a little sentimental and really missing hanging-out with them. For sure, I'm going to miss-out on Varsi-Amihan events for the next 4-6 months, especially this year's Visita Iglesia and "the" birth of Felipe III! Awwwe! Don't forget to send me some pictures guys! I can't wait for our next dinner and coffee together. Take care everyone!

Keeping in touch!

Erwin and I talk almost everyday. Thanks to MSN, Skype and Chikka! I've never imagined being in a long distance relationship. The distance and the time difference can really make things a little bit difficult to handle BUT we're holding on and we're keeping it strong! Hopefully, we'll be back driving-around, eating-out, watching movies and having coffee together soon.


Some interesting things that I've gone through in my first week here in Chicago --
  • staying-up until 4 in the morning just watching One Tree Hill episodes in YouTube because of jet lag;
  • cooking (So far, I've already cooked corned beef, sausage and soup!) so that Cors (my housemate) and I would have something to eat;
  • doing my own laundry (all of it!); and
  • finding the best solution to extremely dry skin and chapped lips (baby oil + lotion + petroleum jelly + chapstick).
I bet more things are coming my way! Hopefully, I'd be able to adjust soon. For sure, I am going to learn a lot of things while I'm away from home. More stories coming-up!

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