Appreciating the People Around Me

Her personally-prepared hot coffee with pandesal placed beside my bed always help me start the day right. I am 26 years old and she still does that (among countless other thoughtful things) for me. I know I am not the best daughter one parent can have. That’s why I feel really blessed because despite my imperfections, I am being unconditionally loved by the best mother in the whole world –- my Nanay.

Nanay can’t do it all considering that she also has a lot of things lined-up for the day. Our Adela helps her with some things like preparing my packed lunch everyday. Adela has been with us for almost five years now and she’s leaving us soon. Mixed emotions. Sad because she won’t be with us anymore. Happy because it’s a very good move for her. She has decided to go home and continue schooling.

I’ve been dragging my self to work lately. The humidity and the heavy traffic to and from the office have been making me feel really stressed-out. His words of encouragement and companionship have been helping me hang-in there. Being the positive person that he is, Erwin’s optimistic attitude rubs-off on me. He completely “gets” me and my lately becoming constant bickering about work. I guess it’s really a plus that we’re both in IT.

In the office, I am revitalized by being around teammates who are proving to be very fun to be with. Special mention to Jo-an and Jeremy who are seated right beside me. Our short but frequent bashing sessions make the workplace less toxic and a lot more enjoyable. I have to admit I was a little anxious about fitting-in after being assigned onshore, but my new team (Enterprise Search Team) and the team (Accenture Research Team) that I left before have been nothing but warm ever since I came back.

I always look forward to coming home to my nephew’s excited, huge and welcoming smile -- a real energy-booster. Although he can be too much to handle at times (quite a tough job for my sister Jing), five year old Gio has been bringing a lot of cheers to the family. He’s a real blessing, a bundle of joy and a lot more.

I am guilty of not being that appreciative lately. I feel like my focus has been on the things that have been wearing me out. The world is indeed not perfect, but surprise, surprise… It isn’t totally full of imperfections as well! I guess it’s really just a matter of perspective. Right now, I am just plain thankful that I have been blessed with a lot of good people in my life.


Serenity, Courage and Wisdom

This prayer has always helped me in the past --

I hope it still works for me now.

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