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NOTE: In case it isn't very noticeable, my previous entry was titled "Balikbayan Box." :p



Balikbayan Box

It’s my first (and probably the last) time to pack a balikbayan box. Ang hirap pala! I must say, labor of love talaga s’ya. My back hurts because I had to do a lot of bending to make sure that I put enough masking tape (or should I say “more than enough” because my box looks like a giant plastic covered book?) for safekeeping purposes. Nakaka-paranoid kasi. Mahirap na. Like my Nanay always tells me, better safe than sorry, diba? ;D

Labor of love nga talaga s’ya. Everything about the box (from the hard-earned money that was used to buy all the much-thought-of handpicked gifts inside it to the fingerprint-covered masking tape used to secure it) can prove that point. It’s a huge box (45x53x60 cm in size), so it’s not very easy to securely package it. Not only that, because it’s huge, mahirap din s’yang punuin, but since you pay the same price regardless of how heavy your box is, your tendency is to buy more things to fill it and make sure that you don’t waste any space. Sounds impractical? Well, para lang ‘yang credit card commercial, the toys + the chocolates + the clothes were worth “something-something” dollars, but the smile on my nephew’s face when he sees all of my presents for him? Priceless. :)

Well, now that the “ripping-off-scotch-tape” sound no longer dominates my room as my balikbayan box is now completely ready for tomorrow’s pick-up, I can rest and just enjoy imagining the smiles on my loved ones’ faces in about 45 days from now. Yes, it takes that long to have the box shipped to Manila. Pero, sabi nga nila, all good things are worth the wait. Hmmm... Parang ako? Tama ba? Sana. :P


Some Short Stories

My friend, Lynda (a UP Diliman - M.A. Media Studies Major in Journalism student), created a collection of some of my Filipino short stories for her school project. She was able to gather 13 of the stories that I’ve written back when I was still with UST’s The Varsitarian. She gave me a soft copy of the project and although I haven’t really looked at the collection yet, I’m posting it for those who might be interested in reading an ex-future-writer’s literary (in its own right) pieces – ;)

If clicking on the image does not work, the file can also be downloaded @ Enjoy reading! Thanks Lynda for the copy and congratulations for the UNO! :)

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