Seasons Greetings

This entry is a few hours late. Nahuhuli yata ako sa maraming bagay ngayong Christmas kasi medyo nagkasakit ako (fever due to cough and colds). Hindi ako nagising para sa Noche Buena kasi hindi no drowse ‘yung gamot na ininom ko at hindi rin ako nakapunta (for the first time) sa Varsi Amihan Christmas Party kasi nga masama ang pakiramdam ko. Nagbunga na ang ilang gabing pagpa-party at bumigay na talaga ang resistensya ko. Anyways, para sa mga grammar gurus d'yan, pardon the “TagLish.” I just want this entry to be as spontaneous as possible, especially because I want to use this space to extend my Christmas greetings and wishes to everyone dear to me.

'Eto na… In random order, below are my seasons greetings to all the people who have made me a very happy and blessed person --

For Carli – Sorry for missing-out on a lot of things lately. I know you understand and like what you’ve said, makaka-adjust din tayo sa mga pagbabago sa buhay natin. I wish you happiness. ‘Yung totoong happiness. ‘Yung tipong kahit na hindi ka naka-smile or tumatawa, mukha ka pa ring masaya. Good luck sa career! I hope 2008 brings you closer to your dream job! All the best! Muwah!

For Feli – I’m not really sure how you’re doing right now. I hope we’ll have time to catch-up soon. Ikaw ang isa sa pinakamabubuting tao na kilala ko (for sure, maraming mag-aagree sa’kin) and for that, I will always pray for your success and happiness. Cheers!

For the Salvosa Family (Kris, Ipe and Joey) – It’s your first Christmas with Baby Joey! Great things are happening to your family. Your family has been very blessed that I actually don’t know what to wish for the three of you pa. I guess, more success and good health na lang. You’ll be moving-in to your new home soon. Pa-sleepover ha? Para naman I can bond with my inaanak na up to now ay hindi ko pa rin nakikita. Sigh!

For my other Varsi Amihan friends – So far, everybody’s doing well naman. Lynda has found the man of her dreams, A is loving her job at GMA, Luwi has a great career with Business Mirror, etc. etc. Sana tuloy-tuloy ang pag-ulan ng blessings! Be happy everyone! Sabi nga ni Reyann, na alam kong masaya na rin sa US, life is beautiful! Ang maidadagdag ko na lang, life is what we make it. Let’s choose to be happy and be the best that we can be.

For Vene – I’m very happy to have been able to rekindle my friendship with you. I know you’re living your life to the fullest. Atta girl! What you are doing right now (exploring life and improving yourself) is a good step to achieving the self-fulfillment that you’ve always wanted. I wish you a fruitful journey, my friend.

For my other ICAManila barkadas (Ianne, Aileen, Irene, Elena, Edna, Candy, Margarette and Roselyn) – I hope we get the chance to have a reunion soon. I’m looking forward to hearing your stories. Paniguradong mahaba-habang kwentuhan ‘yun. Wherever you all are, sana you’re all doing well. God bless always!

For Noreen – I haven’t heard from you. Kumusta ka naman? You’ve been an angel to a lot of people and I can only wish that life treats you well in return. I miss you. Sana magkaron ng part two ang Singapore at Malaysia adventure natin. Ingat palagi!

For Rhea – You’re the strongest woman in the whole world! Haha! I’ve always admired your strength and courage. I hope you continue to keep the faith no matter what. You’ve been through a lot and for sure, wala ka nang hindi na kakayanin pa. Good health, happiness, and great life for you and Johann!

For my other UST buddies – Ugie, have a happy married life! Aaron, same goes to you! Haha! Have a blissful existence you all!

For Pangga and Anson – My “Singaporean/OFW” friends (hehehe), I hope you reap the fruits of your hard work and sacrifices soon! I know it’s not easy to be away from home. I admire your courage and determination in achieving your goals in life. Be happy and don’t forget to take a much deserved breather every once in a while. See you soon!

For my other Accenture buddies (Cecille, Khalil, Jonax, Maridor, Bernard, Elena, etc.) and teammates (Accenture Research Team and Enterprise Search Team) – Less “OT,” increased “engagement,” and more “balance” for all of us! Enjoy the break for it’s not everyday that we get to have some time-off. Cheers!

For Erwin – Our relationship will be a year older this January and I just hope and pray that we continue to grow together in the coming years. May we be able to carry-out all of our plans and may we never drift apart come rain, come shine. Good luck to us!

For my Family – I will forever be grateful for your love and understanding. I can never be the perfect tita, daughter or sister, but no matter what, you will always be on top of my priorities. More blessings for all of us!

I hope these people get the chance to read this entry. For those whose names I missed, pasensya na po. HAPPY HOLIDAYS na lang sa lahat! Be free to wish for the stars, but never forget to focus on the essentials. Ciao!

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