Six Months and Some “Defining” Experiences

I’ve read somewhere before that everyone in their lifetime will go through several “defining” experiences. And for me, the past six months have been full of those things – “defining” experiences.

Six months ago, I had a talk with my project manager and I told her what my primary goal was at that moment. I wanted to be more financially sufficient mainly because I wanted to start extending some help to my family. I remember her asking me, “So, it’s savings over career right now?” and I said, “Yes.” I was holding a fairly significant role in Manila back then, but that didn’t stop me from leaving because I had my mind focused on something more important than just holding a highly visible position. Then, I left home to play the game plan. I’ve never lived on my own before and that’s probably why Nanay was quite worried about me leaving. I remember her asking me more than once, “Kaya mo ba?” and I consistently answered her with “Oo naman.” Home has always been my comfort zone. I remember always getting teary-eyed each time I talk to some friends about leaving them and my family for a work abroad. It was not easy, especially because I’m the type who is just so terrible with “goodbyes.”

For almost six months now, I’ve been away from my comfort zone and from everyone who has made that “zone” more than just “comfortable.” I’ve been blessed with very fun-loving and extremely supportive and loyal friends back home. I can go on and on just talking about them, but simply put – they (and my family, of course) are the reason why home will always be home. Luckily, I met some people and made some really good friends here too. Everyone has been great so far. I guess it really is “Pinoy nature” to develop a certain bond and really stick together when living in a foreign land. Well, it looks like leaving home was not 100 percent “goodbyes” after all. Several “hellos” were also made and I must say the stand-outs were “Hello new friends!” and “Hello new lessons-learned!” Yes, there were a lot of lessons-learned and the most significant one would probably be the importance of doing and sharing things with and for your loved ones. My point – everything will be meaningless if you don’t have someone to share it with.

Now, why do I consider these things my “defining” experiences? Simple… They are the bitter-sweet experiences that define, shape, and strengthen my values and goals in life. And because they also happen to instill a very good definition of what’s important and what’s not important to me, they are also the experiences that bring me closer to my dreams and the things that will really make me happy.

By the way, it was also six months ago when something really significant happened. Six months ago, for the very first time, I took a chance on someone and I have to say, that chance was indeed worth-taking! And I guess I can also say that event could be considered a “defining” moment too. Why? Because like what I’ve just said, defining experiences/moments – they bring you closer to the things that will really make you happy. So – HAPPY 6th MONTHSARY, HONEY! See you real soon! ;D


Top Three “I DON’T LIKE” Things

  1. I don’t like people who love to talk, but don’t know how to listen. "Give and take" is a key thing and it's very impolite to cut people when they're talking. Listening seems to be a weakness of people who “think” that they are extremely intelligent. I guess they just feel like they know it all, so they just won’t/don’t listen and that’s just so wrong. Even the most intelligent person in the world should listen to other people. No one is a master of everything. There will always be something that you don’t know and listening (really listening) might just be the key to learning it.

  2. I don’t like people who don’t know how to say “THANK YOU.” When someone does something for you, it’s either (a) they are just being nice and kind or (b) they owe you that something. Needless to say, “THANK YOU” should be said to nice and kind people. But guess what? People who give you what they owe you deserve a “THANK YOU” too. Why? I think people always have a choice, so be thankful every time somebody chooses to be responsible in giving you what is rightfully yours. I don’t think more analysis is needed here. “THANK YOU” is very easy to utter and it wouldn’t hurt saying it.

  3. I don’t like people who rant about things. Hmmm… I think I just did that through this entry. Haha! I guess the tip here is that if you feel like ranting about things or people, get a pen and paper or open your computer and start writing or typing your rantings/angst. Spare other people from negativity! At least, if you write everything down, you still get to release your thoughts and emotions. And if you decide to post what you’ve written somewhere (in a blog or something), you don’t force people to hear you out by giving them a choice -- they can choose to read or not read what you’ve written. Hey, I think you've just chosen to “listen” to my thoughts! Thank you. Stay positive, okay? (*wink!)

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