Browsing the net, I came across these pictures that remind me of my dreams. I'm quite a realistic person and I guess my dreams pretty much reflect that. I mean, my dreams… They may be big, but they're not impossible to achieve. Yes, in this lifetime.

My Dream House

I've always wanted something big, spacious, pastel-colored and really homey. Actually, I have a list of "must haves" in my dream house --

  • A big living room / sala with a huge comfy sofa and probably, a bar for hanging-out with family and friends
  • Two rooms designed to match my two kids' personalities
  • Big master's bedroom with a king-sized bed for hubby and me
  • Two guest rooms for visiting friends and relatives
  • One small room for the helpers
  • One movie/entertainment room
  • One karaoke/videoke and billiards hall
  • A big kitchen furnished like a professional chef is going to use it
  • A walk-in closet and lots of storage space
  • A swimming pool beside a garden full of colorful flowers (roses, daisies, etc.)
  • An outdoor barbeque kiosk
  • An indoor McDonald's like that of Richie Rich's (Nah! I'm just kidding about this one!)
My Dream Business

It would be great if I would have my own dress shop, restaurant and salon-spa. I love clothes, food, massages and all sorts of pampering! And I guess, more than doing what I love to do, it would be really nice to earn from letting others experience the things that I love.

My Dream Family

I'd like to have two kids, a girl and a boy. If they are twins, that would be a bonus! I'll be very hands-on in taking care of them. I'll read them stories, help them with their school homework and play with them. Basically, I'll raise them in the same way my parents raised me. They'll grow-up as beautiful people -- God-fearing, confident, self-sufficient, smart, loving and very family-oriented. Hubby and me will give them the best education, the best life, the best home, the best experiences and of course, the best parents.

My Dream Life

I'll always go for a life of balance. Balance between career and personal life. Balance of being a good provider and at the same time, an excellent teacher of the value of being self-sufficient. Balance of having both material/physical and spiritual fulfillment. Balance between having abundance in life and yet, still having things to work hard for and look forward to achieving and experiencing.

See? My dreams are indeed big, but again, they're not impossible to achieve. Not at all. I'm a believer of dreaming big and living it, so in time, these dreams will all turn into a reality. Yes, I'm a dreamer. I dream big and I dream awake.

What are your dreams?

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