Seven Dresses

Kevin (James Marsden): All right. So what's your favorite part of a wedding?
Jane (Katherine Heigl): Oh, that's easy. You know when the music starts and the bride makes her big entrance and everybody turns to look at her? That's when I look at the groom. ‘Cause his face says it all. You know, the pure love there.

- From the Movie "27 Dresses" (2008)

After about a hundred times of surfing the net and going through some magazines, we were able to select the designs for the dresses for our wedding. Yes, “we”, because Erwin did have a say on them. I showed him several designs and we agreed on which ones to pick.


The Bridal Gown

It’s going to be my first time to wear a ball gown cut. When I’m required to wear a gown for special events, I’d usually pick the A-line or sheath type. I originally picked a simpler one, but I ended-up picking this because as what my designer said, it would make me look like I’m the bride and not just one of the bridesmaids. Erwin wanted it to be made mainly from silk because he thinks it would look classier than a lace gown. Lots of bead works is also something that he doesn’t like. I guess he just didn’t want the flashy-type. As for me, I just didn’t want the tube type ones because as I always say – “Wala kasing pagkakapitan. Baka malaglag.” Kidding aside, Erwin and I (and the designer and also my sister) were happy about the dress that’s why we picked it. I just hope the designer and I give justice to the design. I’ve been hitting the gym lately, so hopefully, everything looks good on the wedding day. By the way, I’ve never went on a diet my entire life, so the next 4+ months would definitely be a test of discipline. Wish me luck!


The Bridesmaid Dresses

I got lucky when I came across these two-toned dresses because I feel like, they would perfectly go with our brown and turquoise motif (more brown than turquoise). Also, I think that if the designer executes the designs well, the girls (Weng, Diane, Cors, Noreen and Vene) could still wear the dress assigned to them for other occasions. Erwin preferred knee-length dresses over long gowns, so he was also okay with this set. I think most of the girls are also on a serious diet now, so I’m not alone in my so called “battle for weight loss”.


The Flower Girl Dress

When I saw this design, I didn’t have to look further. It already carries our motif, so this one was a no-brainer. I’m sure Danielle, Rhoda and Fran would all look adorable on the wedding day.


I’m quite excited to see the actual dresses. I wonder how they would look on us when we’re already all made-up. Nevertheless, I know that when “the” day comes, it would be the natural glow from wearing a genuine smile, the sign of pure happiness, that would make everyone look stunning. That means that everyone, even the guests, would look just as lovely as the entourage! Why? Because the event will be strictly for happy people only.

RSVP! ;-)

Anonymous –   – (March 16, 2010 at 5:17 PM)  

just a few more months! im sure you and erwin are both so excited and nervous. :P

Leah  – (March 16, 2010 at 11:36 PM)  

Kris, we're both excited and nervous and fat!!! Waaahhh!!!

Anonymous –   – (September 16, 2010 at 10:02 AM)  

never got the news na nikasal na pala kau ni erwin hehe & nasa sg din kau :D
nwei belated best wishes and cheers to a soon-to-be-happy family!
regards kay erwin

- jackie

Leah  – (June 15, 2011 at 11:10 PM)  

thanks jackie! regards din from erwin... see you around! :)

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