Be Happy, Be Lucky!

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Hubby always tells me to stay away from the unlucky and the unhappy. Today, I’ve realized that he’s actually right. All that unhappy people talk about are negative things and most of the time, probably because of your desire to contribute to the conversation, you end-up sharing something sad as well. Also, when the mood is sad, it’s difficult to say something happy or just change the topic of the conversation because you’re afraid to appear apathetic or insensitive.

It’s also odd how unhappy people find a way to make a good news sound like a bad news. Here’s an example –
You: Hey, I got an A in my writing assignment!
The Unlucky & The Unhappy: Really? I thought that wasn’t achievable! I worked really hard on mine, but I was only given a B.
See? I bet after that negative reaction, you end-up feeling undeserving of an A. Either that, or you try to be “sensitive” and you put your happiness aside as you try to also feel bad for the other person.

You’re not being fair to yourself when you put yourself in these kind of situations. So, how do you deal with the unlucky and the unhappy? Filter-out the negativity. Choose who and what you listen to. Don’t let other people’s feeling of being unworthy to be happy affect you. Know yourself better. Remember all the hard work and passion that you put in what you do. You deserve the things that you are getting. More importantly, you’re not being apathetic or insensitive when you try to change a sad conversation to a happy one. You’re actually being a positive influence. Happy thoughts make the world a better place. Yes, they really do, so be happy and be lucky!

As for me, I guess I should try listening to hubby more. Hubby knows best, I guess?!? =P

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