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It feels more like spring lately. I think the temperature will no longer drop to 40s (Fahrenheit) starting today. Spring feels like “Baguio weather” to me. It’s still cold, but it’s no longer cold enough to jump into those thick winter jackets that make you look twice bigger than your real size. Actually, I’ve already placed my winter jackets (along with my gloves) in a shelf and for the past few weeks, the old sports jackets that I’ve brought with me from Manila have been keeping me warm. Also, it already feels okay to just wear slippers/sandals (instead of rubber shoes) when going out. I’m sure Chicago locals feel just the same or should I say, they’re more thrilled about this “winter is finally over and summer is coming soon” weather that you actually see them sporting their skimpy swimsuit tops on the streets? :P
I’ll be home in a little over a couple of months from now. I’ve already started buying pasalubongs for my family and friends back home and I’m planning to have everything shipped to Manila by June. I can’t wait to see their smiles when I personally hand those things to them! Just to manage everyone’s expectations, the things I bought are not luxurious items, okay? They’re just little things that say -- “Hey, you crossed my mind while I'm away!” I remember one of my teammates telling me that I should only bring home something for those people who remembered to say “hi,” “hello,” or “how are you?” while I’m here. Hmmm… I’d actually like to apply a stricter “pasalubong guideline.” I’d only buy something for those who said “I miss you” without mentioning the word “pasalubong.” I think that’s fair enough. :D
I’ve learned a lot of things while I’m away from home. I know I’ve already mentioned something about learning how to cook adobo and nilaga in one of my past entries. Just an update, my latest recipe (or should I say experiment?) is called “finding Nemo.” Why? Well, the recipe is actually called “escabeche,” but I think I poured-in an overwhelming amount of sweet and sour sauce that my housemate had to do some digging before she gets to see the fried fish! Ever heard of the “happy trail, happy meal” concept? Let’s just say the sauce was the “happy trail” and the fish was the “happy meal.” Hehehe! By the way, I didn’t ask my housemate if she liked my “escabeche.” You know what they say -- what you don’t know, won’t hurt you. ;D
I had dinner with my lady bosses a few weeks ago. My direct supervisor, a Filipina who is already based here and is married to a Filipino, said her husband was going to pick her up and drive her home when we’re done. Everyone, except me, said “Awwe!” and someone even said “My husband will never do that for me.” No wonder why there is divorce in a country where making sure that your partner gets home safely is “above normal.” Well, I must say, iba pa rin talaga ang Pinoy! At another dinner, someone from our table said that getting the chance to stay in the US for a while could either (a) make you want to leave Philippines or (b) make you appreciate Philippines more. Didn’t I just say “Iba pa rin talaga ang Pinoy?” Need I say more? :)


Our Celebrity Look-Alikes

Malou asked me to try this for fun --

Check-out Malou and Steve's celebrity look-alikes @ http://our2cents.com.ph/?p=308! =D


Do the Math



  • for being patient with the long drive from your house/school to my place;
  • for practicing "defensive driving" when I'm with you;
  • for sharing interesting "do you know that according to our law…" trivias with me;
  • for letting me try all of your favorite foods (from UP's isaw and Mang Jimmy's sisig to Chateau Verde's pasta dishes);
  • for making each movie date, food trip, and Starbucks moments worth the while;
  • for introducing me to your "brods" and still paying attention to me when we're with them;
  • for adjusting to our time difference now and staying-up late just to have a conversation with me;
  • for putting the movie that you're watching on pause when I need to talk to you;
  • for spending lunch break at your desk, so that we can chat;
  • for keeping me calm and helping me troubleshoot my computer when I thought I've lost all my files;
  • for teaching me how to do "techy" stuffs "the more correct way" (according to you :p);
  • for sharing your music with me and sending me MP3 files all the time;
  • for making me experience your type of reading by giving/lending me a copy of your favorite books;
  • for doing all these not because you "have" to, but because you "want" to; and
  • for the countless other thoughtful things that just failed to cross my mind right this very moment. :)


His and Hers

Photos by Erwin Rommel Y. Felix

Photos by Anna Leah J. Bundoc


Time Machine

“We all have our time machines. Some take us back, they're called memories. Some take us forward, they're called dreams.”
- Jeremy John Irons



Just looking forward for that time to come home... :)


News from Manila

I’ve been away from home for over three months now (Four months to go and I’ll be home sweet home! Yey!), but I try to keep myself posted with things back home by being online and making phone calls almost everyday. I’m pretty much aware of what’s happening in Manila. For example, I know Kris Aquino has already given birth and she’s back with James Yap again. Hehehe! See? I’m up-to-date!

Seriously, the last time I’ve spoken with Nanay, she told me that my three year old nephew (Gio) is learning a lot from his summer pre-school classes. It’s our little Gio’s first time to go to school and looks like he’s really enjoying himself. My sister told me he gets “stars” all the time (Take note of the S! Smart kid! It runs in the family! Haha! ;D). I hear a lot of cute and funny “Gio stories” every time I speak to Nanay or to Jing (my sister). There was this one time when my family was expecting Erwin to make a visit. My sister asked Gio to make sure that his Tito Erwin eats dinner when he arrives. Gio totally misunderstood the instruction and he blurted-out – “Ha? Eh ang laki-laki na nu’n! Susubuan ko pa?” Really funny! This reminds me of another story, which happened when Gio was around two years old. One of our neighbors asked my Aunt whose kid Gio is, so my Aunt replied “Anak ng pamangkin ko.” When Nanay came home, Gio told her – “Nanay, sabi ni Mama (that’s what he calls my Aunt), anak monkey daw ako!” Hilarious! That story never fails to make me laugh! Gio really is our family’s little bundle of joy! Of course, all the credit goes to my sister for bringing him into our lives. He’s truly a blessing!

Speaking of my sister, she got married with someone she knew since high school last May 4. Who would have thought that after everything, it's them who would end-up together? Life is really full of surprises! By the way, he has a name. It’s Eric. I didn’t have the chance to really get to know Eric because he’s away from home most of the time (That’s because he works as a seaman.), but I truly appreciate his genuine love for my sister and for Gio. I’ve always wished for the right man for my sister and I’m very happy because she has already found “the” one. I’ve heard some stories about Eric and I must say, the guy is really an answered prayer. Too bad I wasn’t there for their civil wedding. Eric will be away for a year again and he already wants to start a family. That’s why they’ve made that decision. I texted my sister on that special day (which was also her birthday) and Erwin helped me arranged a simple gift for her (two dozens of peach roses). Because of where I am now, that was the best that I could do to make Jing feel my presence in one of her life's greatest milestones. From afar, I can only wish that they live a blissful life together. I can’t wait to witness their church wedding next year! I’ll make sure I’ll be there on that extra special day.

I’m expecting a lot more news from home. Life may seem to slow down from where I am and some things back home may have been put on hold because I’m so far away. I’m just wishing for things to either stay the same or get better. I've always hoped for the best and so far, I haven’t been disappointed.


Spring in Chicago

Spring is indeed the best time of the year! Here is how Chicago's Michigan Avenue looks like right now --

More spring pictures coming soon! Cheers everyone! :D

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